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About Lake Pend d’Orielle

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About Lake Pend d’Orielle

At 47 miles long and 1150’ deep in the southern part, this is the 5th deepest lake in America. It is glacial in origin. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Most of the shoreline is undeveloped.

The water is pure enough to drink; in fact, City of Sandpoint residents, and many shoreline residents do drink it.

During WWII, it hosted the second largest naval training base in the USA. The Bayview area is still used for noise testing on ¼ scale model s of nuclear submarines. These can be 125’ long. Local teenagers still enjoy watching the submarine races at night. If something large and fast shows up on your depth finder, do not attempt to capture it.

There are several species of game fish in the lake including, Rainbow trout, Lake trout, Bass, Kokanee salmon, and Northern Pike.

Contrary to local belief, there are no lake monsters. The Ponderay Paddler legend was created by a bartender to entertain some ladies.

There have been no recent creditable reports of Fresh Water Sharks in the lake. This is believed to be the result of a joke played on white settlers by the local Indians. Eating raw meat in the water is still deemed unwise.

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